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While the d20 may be the most popular die type for roleplaying games, 2d10 will give you a better distribution -- making a natural 20 more rare and special (1% chance instead of 5% chance). In a 2d10 System, criticals really mean something for combat, skills, or anything else your character is attempting to do. Even critical fumbles (snake eyes) are more rare to roll than a natural 1 on a d20. Thus, critical fumbles can be quite nasty in the 2d10 System. Why play a game that offers no real risks for your character? After all, it's not adventure without risks involved.

2d10 also doubles as percentile dice when you're in need of a strict percentage or just a number selection from 1-100.

Unlimited Journeys 2d10 is the core of the 2d10 System. What this means is that this system is designed for gamemasters and players who want to play in any era-genre they choose or in completely custom worlds. Key books for the system will include the Unlimited Journeys 2d10 rulebook, Fantasy Journeys 2d10 rulebook, Sci-Fi Journeys 2d10 rulebook, Pirate Journeys 2d10, and much more.

Why Unlimited Journeys? Unlimited Journeys is an RPG system that takes to heart the Hero's Journey concept created by mythology expert Joseph Campbell. Most modern genre stories, movies and TV shows have some basis or foundation in the Hero's Journey mythos, which actually dates back to ancient humanity.

The system is currently in the design phase. Be sure to watch for our future Kickstarter project as well as publication through /

The first project related to this is "Rise of the Broodslayers," a novel written by author T. Rob Brown of The GDC. This gritty fantasy novel will set the back story and setting for the main fantasy campaign world for the 2d10 System. Be sure to watch for its future Kickstarter project as well as its publication through

Rise of the Broodslayers

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2d10 System and Unlimited Journeys 2d10 are copyright T. Rob Brown, TRB Photography and Writing 2013, 2019.

Who is T. Rob Brown? T. Rob is a writer/game designer who helped work on "Star Wars: Clone Wars Campaign Guide" (2009), "Star Wars: Galaxy of Intrigue" (2010), "Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Civil War Event" (2012), and "Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways" (2012). In addition, T. Rob has been a journalist/photojournalist more than 20 years. T. Rob has been playing games and gamemastering a wide variety of systems for more than 30 years. -- our parent site